Table Tennis Table for Awareness About Atomic Energy

Table tennis is also popularly known as ping pong is a game similar to lawn tennis. In singles, this game is played one on one while doubles require two (2) person against two (2). Like most sports, table tennis has been here for a long time It started as a parlor games open to anyone who has a paddle and a table and a ball.

The term ping-pong was invented by an English firm J. Jaques and Son during the late 1800s. Table tennis has then become a popular sport and has been part of tournaments in 1901. The Ping-pong Association was established in and later it was called The Table tennis Association in 1902.

The Basic Rules of Table Tennis

The aim of this game is very simple. All you have to do is hit the ball into your opponents’ side of the court.

  • Scoring – the winner of this match is the one who makes the first eleven (11) points. But there must be a gap of at least two (2) points between you and the opponent at the end of the game. So if the game is tied, the game will be played on until one of the team gets a two (2) point lead.
  • Serving – the ball must be on an open hand palm and must be tossed that it must bounce to the server’s side first before going to the opponents’ side. Here are a few considerations to take:
  • It must be served behind the baseline of the table and above the height of the table
  • It can be short or long and it may bounce on the opponents’ side
  • No number of limits to the number of net (let) serves
  • No second service in case of a fault

Rules of the game

  • As mentioned, the first to get 11 points wins the game
  • Each player serves twice (2x) and it must be done in pen palm, behind and above the table
  • After a game, players rotate at the end of the table from which they play as to who serves and would first receive the ball.

Why play table tennis

Table tennis is one of the quickest and an amazing game to play. It is a safe game as it is not a contact sport And it is easy on the body.

It is good for your health- it is great for getting all sweat up and in getting your heart rate up. The nice thing about this sport is that it is easily learned. You don’t have to be a pro to play this sport. It improves reflexes, mental alertness, the speed of movement and coordination.

Table Tennis Table for Awareness About Atomic Energy

Nuclear energy solutions are energy made from nuclear materials.

A Ping-pong tournament is one effective way of promoting nuclear energy solutions. All types of ping pong tables are used in a table tennis tournament. This could be the cylindrical Ping-pong table, the hexagonal, the circular among other else.

What does Nuclear Energy have to deal with Table Tennis?

Let’s put it this way. The ping-pong ball is the atom. In a certain reactor, one neutron knocks into an atom and releases neutrons and this will create a very slow process of a chain reaction. It hits through the ping-pong paddle in many collisions.

There are many ways to promote awareness about Atomic Energy but one popular way is by promoting it through Ping Pong Tournaments.

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