Get to know PopAtomic Studios more!

PopAtomic Studios is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to change negative misconceptions about atomic energy by creating new imagery and sharing current information.Our mission is to use the power of visual and liberal arts to enrich the public discussion on atomic energy.

We work to achieve our mission through many ventures including:

  • The Nuclear Literacy Project- Please visit our sister website to learn more about our educational outreach program.
  • ART! We provide open source imagery inspired by the benefits of nuclear energy. You can use images from this website to include in your next presentation or paper. Please link and/or credit PopAtomic Studios if images are used online.
  • Public talks and presentations- please get in touch if you would like a PopAtomic team member to speak at your event or place of work about our unique approach to arts-integrated¬†education¬†and outreach.