Wooden Atomic Energy Artworks

When we hear the words “Atomic Energy”, our thoughts immediately go to its negative effects. However, we are slowly seeing the perception of atomic energy changed through a medium like art. But what exactly is atomic energy? This is energy created and carried by atoms. Widely known as nuclear energy, atomic energy can be created in several ways. By splitting the nuclei of atoms, large amounts of heat can be created. It can also be created through nuclear fission (splitting atoms using sufficient energy) or nuclear fusion (slamming atoms together using a significant outside energy source).

In both cases, they can create massive amounts of heat energy. Like any form of energy, the atom can be channeled in positive and negative ways. The negative effects are thoroughly recorded in history. The positive impacts are being brought to the forefront in creative ways.

Positives of Atomic Energy Atomic energy or nuclear energy has a host of advantages. It is commonly used to create electricity. Unlike fossil fuels, it is safer for the environment and emits fewer greenhouse gases. Besides energy, the atom positively impacts other areas of life such as food, water, and health. Atomic energy has been used to impact the quality of soil and crops, improving the yield and quality of food grown around the world. Atomic Energy is also used in radiology, to diagnose diseases and radiotherapy to treat diseases like cancer. The atom has been powering the world, making it safer and healthier for decades.

Educating Through Art The positive impact of atomic energy can be changed through education. What better way to educate others than art? Over the decades, a few famous pieces of art have been used to show the positive impact of atomic energy on society. The best examples of nuclear energy art are the bronze Nuclear Energy sculpture by Henry Moore outside the University of Chicago. This is only one compared to the negative depictions of atoms in the media.

If you would like to express the positive effects of atomic energy to kids in a classroom, your kids at home, or adults, try starting a creative project to share with others. The easiest and satisfying approach can be creating your own sculpture made of wood. You can create small pieces of art using scraps of wood or large forms that require some planning.
For large pieces, make sure you have access to or you can purchase tools that can cut and shape the desired pieces. For example, If you would like to create the shape of an atom, use a table saw to help shape the pieces you need.



Check out www.bestcabinettablesaws.com/hybrid-reviews for the best table saw and your local hardware stores for other materials. Get everyone involved in creating the artwork. Kids can also paint and decorate the completed sculpture. As you work, make sure that everyone is educated on the benefits and usefulness of atomic energy.

Conclusion: Atomic and Nuclear energy have turned a corner from being destructive to being a force for good in the world. We should continue to create positive dialogue and representation of the benefits of atomic energy through art. Using materials like wood can help kids create positive perceptions of atomic energy and improve negatives in adults. We are served by atomic energy every day and we should start giving it the positive attention it deserves.